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Wapiti Azalea Monika Zgalin is the founder of the Internationally Accredited School for Crystal Healers.

She has 27 years’ experience as a meditation guide, group and personal growth facilitator, crystal healer, researcher, and teacher. Over the years, she has conducted numerous crystal and personal growth workshops throughout Europe. In 2020, she decided to create the on-line School for Crystal Healers as a way of bringing her knowledge about the Crystal Kingdom to a wider global community.

Wapiti Azalea Monika now resides outside of Oslo, Norway, having moved there in 2020 from the spiritual community of Damanhur, Italy. There she studied, explored, researched, and taught a variety of esoteric subjects and practices, but over the years, her attention was primarily focused on crystal research and uncovering the nature of their use and application both by Native Healers and ancient civilizations such as Atlantis. 

In addition to her on-line Crystal Academy, Wapiti also has a crystal shop,   and continues to hold workshops locally and internationally.


Message from Crystal Kingdom


"We are carriers of your subconscious, allies of your subtle bodies.


We are delivered from the innermost core of Mother Earth to the hearts of those who want to open, grow and flourish; to those who desire to learn about their past and prepare for their future.


Listen to our voice, we speak to you from the deepest core of Mother's being. We open up a new world for you; a path towards the light; a way towards consciousness.


We come from the very beginning of Mother's appearance in your space-time continuum, inside of us is the strength and love that you need for letting go and lightening up.


We hold within us the richness of life and light. We are the keepers of the memory of the universe; within us are encoded the answers to your questions.


We are not your property, but rather we are here for you, to serve and assist you up to a certain point in your journey. Know that a time may come for us to leave you and continue to serve our mission with others.


Do not forcibly hold on to us. Always use our energy wisely and never misconduct our power. When the time comes for us to move on, be at peace and have no regrets. 


We have our own path and our own destiny, and we are grateful to you for your alliance.


Together we learn, evolve and co-create the sacred vision of the Path of Return to Oneness."

Pastel Themed Natural Plants Mood Board.

My Philosophy

Crystals are a life form that speaks to our subtle bodies, beyond the mind.


Their perfect geometric structure, their inner composition, may be mathematical codes that shape archetypes and become the building blocks of our material universe and consciousness within.


The aim and mission of Crystal Kingdom training is to facilitate getting in touch with crystals as a live force and establish with them a communication and exchange. 


In addition, crystals play a crucial role in Vibrational Medicine.

Their vibration uplifts our personal energy field, and in doing so, they provide us with healing and bring us into a more harmonious emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.

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