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About Wapiti

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Wapiti Azalea Monika Zgalin is the founder of the Internationally Accredited School for Crystal Healers. She is also an experienced meditation guide, group and personal growth facilitator, crystal healer, researcher, and teacher, with over 27 years of experience in these fields.


Throughout her career, Wapiti Azalea Monika has conducted numerous crystal and personal growth workshops across Europe. In 2020, she decided to launch an online School for Crystal Healers, which enables her to share her extensive knowledge about the Crystal Kingdom with a wider global audience.


Wapiti Azalea Monika now resides outside of Oslo, Norway, having moved there in 2020 from the spiritual community of Damanhur, Italy, where she studied, explored and researched a variety of interpersonal social skills and esoteric subjects and practices.


With her wealth of experience and knowledge, Wapiti Azalea Monika is dedicated to helping individuals connect with the healing power of crystals and tap into their transformative potential.

Wapiti's Crystal Philosophy

Crystals possess a unique energy that can impact our subtle bodies beyond the conscious mind.


Their perfect geometric structure and inner composition may contain mathematical codes that influence archetypes and serve as the building blocks of our material universe and consciousness.

The purpose of Crystal Kingdom training is to foster a deeper connection with crystals and facilitate communication and exchange. By interacting with these living entities, we can access their vibrational energy, which can uplift our personal energy field and promote healing.


As a result, crystals play a crucial role in the field of Vibrational Medicine, as they help us attain a more harmonious emotional, mental, and spiritual state of being.

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