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Crystal Course

Raise your Vibration & Heal Your Self


Crystals as a living force. Create a personal communication with your crystals. The origins of the crystal kingdom. Formation of crystals and minerals. Crystal structure and Sacred Geometry. Crystals inside the human body. Activation of pineal gland technique with quartz. Crystals as portals to different states of mind. Properties of crystals. How to choose, cleanse and charge crystals. Journey into your crystal.



Crystal Healing for Aura and Chakras. Properties of 7 crystals that bring light and raise the vibration of your Chakras. Self healing scan techniques to contact your Chakras, diagnose and charge each one with crystals. Techniques to program crystals and preparation of crystal elixirs.


Creation of an Amethyst Capsule - space of high vibration for spiritual bath to enhance any kind of meditation. Complete self healing crystal technique for your aura and Chakras. The power of crystal grids. How to keep the harmony in your space with crystals. Q&A


To follow all exercise and gain full benefit from them, please provide for yourself Basic kit of Crystals:

8 quarts point (7 of them min 4cm long, 1 min 6cm long)

9 amethyst (min 1,5 or 2 cm)

7 chakras set: you can buy crystals following colours of chakras (example: smoky, carnelian, citrine or yellow fluorite, rose quartz, chalcedony, amethyst, quartz).

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