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Fri, 22 Sept


Crystal School 4th level


Deep Healing and Transformative Growth with our 4th Level Journey.

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Time & Location

22 Sept 2023, 19:00

Crystal School 4th level


About the Event


The 4th level of the Crystal Kingdom School represents the culmination of years of research and until now, this knowledge remained closely held, but I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to share it within the sacred walls of our school. Furthermore, this level incorporates invaluable teachings from the esteemed tradition of Damanhur, enriching our collective understanding and expanding our horizons


The 4th level course will cover the following topics:

  1. Mystic Conduits: Crafting 2 new Crystal Wands and Nurturing a Bond with Your Crystal Guide.
  2. Sacred Connections: Delving into the Enchanted Realm of Nature Spirit Crystals for Intuition and Insight.
  3. Etheric Explorations: Unveiling the Subtle Body Anatomy Across Traditions and preparation for Ancestral Energy Matrix healing.
  4. Practical exercises and applications for Healing the Ancestral Energy Matrix.
  5. Cord Alchemy: Transforming Relationships through Energetic Liberation.
  6. Beyond the Veil: Journey into the Sublime World of Damanhurian Subtle Bodies: microlines and geometric subtle structures.
  7. Spiritual ecology and sharing experiences through pair work.
  8. Q&A sessions, knowledge assessment, ensuring comprehensive readiness and understanding of all topics covered in this level of our school.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the depths of personal transformation and profound healing, as this level is specifically designed for individuals who seek to heal the family energy field, release limiting bonds, and cultivate harmonious relationships and inner peace. Throughout the duration of the course, you will engage in practical self-healing exercises, learning how to alleviate imprints that may still exert influence over your life. Additionally, you will gain invaluable insights into navigating relationship dynamics, learning techniques of cutting energy cords that impede your progress and allowing the life force energy to flow freely once again.

The Damanhurian teachings within this level will unveil the intricacies of subtle energy structures, as seen through the unique lens of the Damanhurian perspective. Embark on a fascinating journey of discovery, delving into the realms of microlines and geometric subtle bodies. Together, we will actively engage in research, uncovering methods to enhance, cleanse, and empower these energetic bodies for personal growth and transformation.

Throughout this journey, our crystal guides and crystal nature spirits shall be our faithful companions, assisting us in expanding our perception and honing our intuition skills.

Who can participate in the 4th level: Students who have either completed the 3rd level or have attended the International Crystal School within the Crystal Kingdom. If you are unsure about your eligibility to participate, please feel free to contact me.


We convene on Zoom every Friday at 19h, commencing on September 22nd, for a duration of two hours, spanning across several months.

Please note that a scheduled break will be observed from December 15th to January 19th, allowing for rest and reflection.

The duration of the 4th level is indicative and will be determined based on the collective rhythm and progress of the group. Meeting intervals will be adjusted to accommodate the needs of students in their healing exercises. Certain topics may extend over one or more weeks to ensure a thorough exploration and understanding. 

(Students who have successfully completed the 3rd level at the Norway West Coast will have an exclusive opportunity to begin the 4th level in person on September 9th and 10th. After this immersive start, the lessons will smoothly transition to an online format via Zoom, allowing for a unified experience between the West Coast students and those joining from outside of Norway.)


Upon signing up for the school you will receive a list of crystals that you will need for the practical segment of your training. This is so you can follow the exercises and receive full benefit from the practice sessions. You may order the school kit crystals, or any other crystals you may need from Wapiti / Crystal Kingdom, or purchase them at your local crystal shop. The Crystal Kingdom kit, which includes 52 crystals, is available at a cost of approximately 110-130 EUR

Enrollment and booking are available from NOW until August 25th.

PRICING: 500 EUR / 5700 NOK

This comprehensive package includes approximately 20 online meetings for lessons, study materials, guided healing exercises, and meditations. Flexible payment options are available, allowing you to pay in up to five installments. To secure your spot, a deposit of 100 EUR is required.

(- Only for students from Norway: please book your place and make payments to Olaug at -)

Non-Norwegian students can conveniently make payments of the booking deposit  through our website, buy your ticket here:


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