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Crystal Workshop
Introduction to the Crystal School




This is a summarized preview of the information, instruction and practices covered by the various modules of the Crystal School. Whether you join us for this single event or you decide to delve deeper into the Mysteries of the Crystal Kingdom and sign up for the full training to become a Certified Crystal Healer, this event is a unique opportunity to open and deepen your personal connection with the Crystal World.



 * Crystals as a living force.

 * Crystals inside the human body.

 * Properties of crystals.

 * How to choose, cleanse and charge crystals.

 * Activation of third eye function technique with quartz.

 * Crystals as portals to different states of mind.


In order to follow the exercise we will be doing and fully benefit from it, you will need to use two (2) quartz points (at least 4-5 cm long) and one (1) tumbled amethyst. If you do not have these crystals, you can order them from us. As an additional gift, they will be cleansed, purified and ready to use.




Become Certified Crystal Healer: for those who are interested in the complete healer training, you can read more HERE 


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