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 - Become a CERTIFIED Crystal Healer - 


Upon completing all three levels, students will receive certification

to demonstrate their dedication and expertise in the field.

Crystal School is affiliated with the International Association of Therapists, a professional organization that supports

the education and certification of therapists in various fields.


1. For those who wish to learn more about crystals and how to use them.

2. For Healers who would like to add to their healing skills the ancient art of crystal therapy.

3. For beginners who intend to become Crystal Therapists.

4. For those who wish to use crystals as a tool for personal growth, spiritual awakening, and expansion of perception.


​The Training Program “Crystal Kingdom School” has been professionally and internationally accredited and certified by the International Association of Therapists. 

Please note that students will receive certification only upon the completion of all three levels of the program, which includes the required courses and assessments. Upon fulfilling these requirements, students will be awarded a certificate as a testament to their knowledge and skills.


Students receive training materials in pdf format for each lesson.



We have made a change to our school's structure. Instead of having 24 modules at once, classes will now be organized into three levels. Level 1 comprises four modules, Level 2 comprises six modules, and Level 3 comprises ten modules.

Our school provides a comprehensive learning experience that includes a total of 80 hours of instruction, divided into 40 hours of live Zoom sessions with a dedicated teacher and 40 hours of practice activities designed to reinforce the concepts covered in class.

Once students complete the first level, they have the option to either continue with the subsequent levels or not, based on their individual preferences and learning goals.

This new system provides greater flexibility and a personalized learning experience.



1. Theory of origin and practical applications.

2. Basic and advanced techniques for crystal healing layouts.

3. Meditation, programming, and communication with the crystal kingdom.

4. Detection and reading of bio field, aura, and chakras.

5. Creation of Crystal Wand, Crystal grids and Elixirs.

6. Practice under Instructor guidance and practice on your own.


  • Provide comprehensive training for aspiring Certified Crystal Therapists

  • Guide individuals towards emotional, mental, and spiritual balance through crystal therapy

  • Promote a better understanding of the healing properties of the crystal kingdom

  • Teach techniques for direct communication and exchange with crystals

  • Help individuals achieve greater wellness and balance in their lives through the use of crystals


We believe that becoming a Certified Crystal Therapist is a rewarding field that can make a positive impact on people's lives. Our program is designed to provide high-quality education and support to our students, with experienced instructor who is passionate about crystal therapy.

We're committed to helping you achieve your goals as a Certified Crystal Therapist.

Crystal School is excited to announce that the first level of our

four-level program will take place on

April 27-28, 2024 in Fredrikstad, Norway.


Students can choose to only take this level or continue to complete all three levels and receive certification as a crystal healer





Curriculum Overview: Topics Covered in a Three-Level School


is the foundational course that covers the basics of crystal healing. In this level, you will learn about the properties of various crystals and how to use them for your own healing purposes and meditation. You'll also gain a deeper understanding of the human energy system and how crystals can be used to balance and support it.

Modules Topic:

How to connect with your Crystal on deeper level - exercise

Activation of crystals and first healing touch - exercise
Formation of Crystals, Crystal Structure

Crystals inside human body

Introduction to Crystal Healing as Vibrational Medicine 

How to choose crystals & How to clean and charge your crystals

Activation of Pineal gland & Intuition with crystals - exercise

How Crystal healing works

The best Crystals to use for activation of 7 chakras

Crystal Layout for chakras and detection of their state – exercise

Techniques how to program crystals – exercise

Creation of Crystal Meditation Temple – personal space of high vibration for spiritual bath to enhance well-being and any kind of meditation – exercise

Complete basic self-healing crystal technique for your aura and Chakras – exercise

How to keep the harmony in your space with crystals

                  (4 modules on zoom, each 2 hours long)

LEVEL 2 is the intermediate level, where you will expand your knowledge and skills. You will learn more advanced crystal healing techniques, and working with different types of crystals. You'll also learn, and deepen your understanding of the connection between crystals, the body, and the mind.

Modules Topic:

Basic concept of Vibrational medicine

Crystal therapy and eating habits

Crystal therapy and stress management

How to prepare space and yourself for crystal therapy practice

What is the Rhythm of Crystal Time and Crystal Awareness Field

Communication with Crystals: Guided meditation of entering into the crystal – exercise

Cleansing of aura with crystals 1°level – exercise.

Crystals to charge the central channel of human subtle anatomy

How to quiet your mind and ground creative energies into your centers – exercise.

Use of Pendulum for detection of energy flow in chakras before and after crystal therapy – exercise

How to clear repressed emotions from solar plexus – exercise

Flower of Life scheme

Creation of Crystal Mandala to enhance the synchronicity for events you desire to manifest

                   (6 modules on zoom, each 2 hours long)

LEVEL 3 is the advanced level. In this level, you will learn additional advanced crystal healing techniques and how to conduct crystal healing sessions and work with clients. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual and intuitive aspects of crystal healing, and how to incorporate them into your practice.

Modules Topic:

How to heal the wounds from heart chakra – exercise

Overview of all techniques we have learned so far.  

Introduction to the creation of Crystal Wand.

How to use Pendulum for detection of energy flow in aura

How to clean aura 2nd level exercise.

Exchange and economy during first steps of your crystal

therapy practice. 

Technique of contact and communication with Crystals.

See your life from your Higher Self perspective – exercise. 

Contact with the client from the beginning to the end

of the session

The ethics of the crystal healer

Sharing the process of Crystal Wands creation

5 additional specialised crystal layouts to combine with

what you learn so far – exercise.

Importance of Breathing techniques, Prana and Life flow

for your maintenance

Cleaning the aura field 3rd level

Reception and detection of chakra states 3rd level

Distance healing techniques

Crystal Elixirs

Intuitive Healing Techniques

Learning from Experience: sharing distance healing


Activation of the Crystal Wand

Learning from Experience: sharing intuitive

healing exchanges

Q&A. Learning from Experience:

sharing intuitive, distance, in live healing exchanges

Q&A. Learning from Experience:

sharing intuitive, distance, in live healing exchanges


(10 modules on zoom, each 2 hours long)


Virtual school sessions on Zoom entail discounted costs

compared to in-person seminars due to the unique expenses

associated with technology and digital infrastructure.

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Upon signing up for the school you will receive a list of crystals that you will need for the practical segment of your training. This is so you can follow the exercises and receive full benefit from the practice sessions. You may order the school kit crystals, or any other crystals you may need from Wapiti / Crystal Kingdom, or purchase them at your local crystal shop.


We are delighted to reveal a momentous milestone in the esteemed Crystal Kingdom School. Responding to the heartfelt requests of our dedicated Croatian & Region students, we present the groundbreaking 4th level. This transformative journey encompasses years of research on healing the family's energetic field and relationships. Moreover, it incorporates invaluable teachings from the esteemed Damanhur tradition, elevating our collective understanding and expanding our horizons. More details about 4th level will be given during the first levels of Crystal Kingdom School.

We are excited to have you join us on this journey of learning and personal growth. Whether you choose to take one level or all four, we are confident that you will find our Crystal School to be a supportive and empowering environment that will help

you achieve your goals on your personal path and as a crystal healer.

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